Senior Housing Specialist

Job Description - Currently Open 


Project Transitions housing is a 24 month program designed for low-income, people living with HIV. The program has 2 apartment complexes with 30 one and two-bedroom units for independent living. Following a proscribed calculation, residents pay approximately 30% of the monthly income for rent and are also responsible for their own electric bill.  


The Senior Housing Specialist shall have a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university. Knowledge of area affordable housing and work in the field of human services is necessary. Experience working with chronic illness, mental health and substance abuse are beneficial. Must be bi-lingual.  

Position Overview

Responsible for creating a permanent housing plan for each resident with resident input and goals and activities. Assess and identify skills, education and resources for each resident to include in the plan. Assist in resource acquisition, ensuring maintenance in medical care and medication adherence, and meeting basic needs, including move-in/move-out activities. Determine eligibility and address resident behavior issues.  

Major Tasks:

1.      Provide case management services for approximately 30-35 residents of Project Transitions (PT) transitional housing programs.  

2.      Complete intake interviews for all housing applicants. Collaborate with PT program staff on the resident placement in programs, which includes initial and ongoing assessment of the applicant’s ability to live independently.  

3.      Be responsible for the initial development and implementation of a Needs Assessment and an Individual Transition Plan (ITP) and for each resident on assigned case load. Complete home visits with residents a minimum of monthly to review plan. With the resident, identify goals/objectives, track progress toward goals, identify strengths and barriers; assist with barrier breakdown.  

4.      Facilitate residents’ transition to permanent low income housing through applications, referrals and monthly follow-up. Update the housing authority waiting list on a regular basis. 

5.      Provide harm reduction counseling and relapse prevention for assigned case load. Keep abreast of substance use and mental health issues; refer residents to appropriate resources when a need is identified.  

6.      Monitor resident maintenance in medical care and medication adherence, including mental health medications. 

7.      Provide a listening ear/counseling on an informal basis, to residents and families, identify needs and make appropriate referrals to off-site services. Assist residents in conflict resolution, negotiating relationships and boundaries. 

8.      Coordinate with other agencies and groups in providing support for residents. Develop effective and cooperative relationships in order to do so.  

9.      Assist in developing individual resident Life Skills, including budgeting, bill and rent payment. Identify skill needs and provide support, education, and/or referral.  

10.  Ensure all documentation and charting is kept in an accurate and timely manner. Turn in all forms in a timely manner.  

11.  Organize and manage food bank order. Oversee food pantry operation.  

12.  Assist residents in moving in and out of facility as needed.  

13.  Assist in the acquisition of other benefits, such as Social Security and SNAP benefits. Trouble-shoot resident benefit issues and work toward barrier removal.  

14.  Take on-call on a regular basis. Share on-call with the Housing Program Coordinator. 

15.  Provide transportation to residents as needed. 

16.  Report to the Housing Program Coordinator for supervision weekly. 

17.  Inspect and qualify apartments according to HUD standards.  


  1. Medical/Health insurance for full-time employees following 60 days of service.

  2. Vacation/sick time per agency personnel policy.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, sex or age.