Doug’s House Program Coordinator


Doug’s House (DH) is a 5-bed medical facility providing intensive medical case management, medical coordination, support and care to low-income people living with HIV. Doug’s House also provides end-of-life care to this population. Typical length of stays are 4-6 months. As many residents have other psycho-social, substance use, homeless, mental health issues and other needs, Doug’s House also connects residents to housing, case management and other resources in the community.   


The Doug's House Program Coordinator shall have a Master's Degree in Social Work from an accredited college or university. Experience working in a medical setting as well as with issues including death and dying, working with low-income and homeless population, and substance abuse and mental illness preferred. Management experience is also beneficial. Bilingual preferred. 

Primary Responsibilities

1.      Coordinate the overall management of the house while maintaining flexibility in working hours and task assignments.

2.      Monitor and ensure compliance with the Department of State Health Services licensing regulations.

3.      Supervise all program staff. Submit evaluations as required.

4.      Receive referrals for prospective new residents from area hospitals, case managers, social workers, and others. Screen referrals for eligibility and appropriateness and document this process. Maintain active contact and good relationships with this referral network. Seek to expand this network where and when appropriate.

5.      Conduct intakes in the field on potentially eligible referrals for new residents; coordinate with the Director of Client Services and the RN on the selection, appropriateness and planning for admissions of prospective residents. Complete necessary eligibility paperwork and documentation to meet standards and all grant requirements..

6.      Be responsible for the joint development and implementation of a plan of care for each resident with the RN and other program staff. Assessing the need for mental health, substance use, physical care and other psychosocial needs. Assure quality of care to residents and families.

7.      Schedule staff, contract staff and volunteers for adequate coverage in the house.

8.      Share on-call responsibilities. Serve as back up to staff as needed.

9.      Conduct weekly staff meetings. Keep all resident charts, financial records pertaining to the house and monthly reporting data and submit as required in a timely manner.

10.  Actively work to improve the health outcomes of residents, to promote good communication among staff, volunteers, residents and families to improve the clinical competence of staff.

11.  Coordinate needed services for residents with other agencies that partner with Project Transitions in providing resident care (i.e. hospice agencies, clinics, case managers, AIDS Service Organizations, housing program, etc.).

12.  Represent Project Transitions to families, significant others and friends, overseeing the relationship between staff, residents and families on an on-going basis. Inform appropriate staff of any problems which may occur.

13.  Provide counseling on an informal basis to residents and families, identify needs and make appropriate referrals for counseling.

14.  Supervise staff in coordinating the overall physical maintenance of the house. Identify areas needing work and ensure that tasks are completed.

15.  Coordinate with Patient Care Coordinator and caregivers to ensure that nutritional meals are prepared and all Health Department standards are met.

16.  Identify areas of responsibility and delegate the responsibilities to various staff members and volunteers.

17.  Supervise and coordinate volunteer activities and maintain active volunteer retention program.

18.  Identify areas of training for staff and volunteers and participate in developing and conducting training.

19.  Provide services in a culturally competent manner.  Identify areas of needed improvement, and provide information/resources/trainings for staff and volunteers.

20.  Develop appropriate policies and procedures and forms as needed.

21.  Provide direct care to residents as needed.


  1. Salary range $44,000 - $48,000.  
  2. Medical/health insurance beginning 3 months post hire.
  3. Vacation/Holiday/Sick paid time in accordance with agency policy.

If interested, please send cover letter and resume to: 

    Director of Client Services
    Todd Logan, LMSW