Doug's House PRN Caregiver


Doug’s House (DH) is a 5-bed special medical care facility providing residential hospice and recuperative care for people living with HIV. PRNs provide direct patient care, including ensuring the personal hygiene of residents, meal preparation and general housekeeping. DH PRNs support the work of the RN, social worker and other professional staff. PRN staff also support the goals of DH to stabilize the health of residents, improve health outcomes and enable residents to manage their own care upon discharge.

The caregiver position is one requiring personnel in good physical, emotional and mental condition who can work with the various situations which arise in a residential setting. It requires some one who can be flexible in both working hours and in task assignments. It also requires attention to detail, ability to work independently, reliability, compassion and motivation to work with the population. A typical resident stay is 30-60 days dependent on health care needs. Some residents are in good health needing minimal assistance, some residents are in decline and require ongoing attention. A number of residents are homeless and many have substance abuse or mental health issues in their past or current lives.


A high school diploma or GED is required. LVN, CNA and other licenses and certifications are a plus. Caregiving or related experience preferred. No experience working with people with HIV required, yet a desire to work with the population is a must.  

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Oversee the physical hygiene regiments of residents and chart accordingly; assist resident with activities of daily living as needed.
  2. Maintain cleanliness of physical surroundings, especially residents’ rooms and the house in general. Identify areas for work and coordinate their completion with other staff/volunteers.
  3. Prepare meals in a timely manner and ensure residents have access to snacks and drinks as requested.
  4. Interact daily with residents. Assist with emotional care of the resident, accepting him or her where they are today. Use of appropriate listening and communication skills are important. Implement services to the diverse population in a culturally competent manner.
  5. Provide assistance to residents whenever necessary, including assistance with ambulating and transfer. Training will be provided to ensure competency in proper body mechanics and transferring.
  6. Coordinate with other staff members in providing care for the emotional, social, spiritual and physical needs of residents by attending weekly staff meetings, quarterly trainings and daily shift report.
  7. Complete and maintain all household inventories (i.e. grocery list, chore list, supply list, MAR, count forms, etc.).
  8. Assist residents with medication and medication management. Count and pour meds; report any med errors to RN. (dependent on experience and as assigned; training provided).
  9. Train, supervise and actively support agency volunteers.
  10. Work with the families of individuals to educate and incorporate them in to the care plan.
  11. Follow on-call protocol regarding accidents/incidents, emergencies and shift coverage.
  12. Inform the Program Coordinator of any problem that arises with any of the residents and/or families in order to assure continuity of care for the residents.
  13. Continually seek to improve the quality of caregiving and to inform the Program Coordinator of any area in which additional training or direction is needed.
  14. The caregiver may be assigned other duties from time to time that are not described in the job description but for which they have been deemed capable of completing.
  15. Follow all licensing and grant protocols and standards of care in all the work performed.


$13.00 hourly
Overnight shifts needed. Other shifts available.

If interested, please send cover letter and resume to: 
    Director of Client Services
    Todd Logan, LMSW