"This Place Saved My Life"

_This Place Saved My Life_.png

Meet Tim. That’s a photo of him from a few weeks ago, just before he moved out of Doug’s House.

He looks a lot different than when he arrived last February. Back then he weighed less than 100 pounds. He was so weak he could barely stand. His CD-4 count was zero — something his medical team had never seen before. At 34 years old, he was nearly dead.

Diagnosed at 20, Tim had always been on medication and had never been sick before. “So I just decided I didn’t need it,” he explained. At first, he was fine — and then his health started to decline. Quickly.

"Things just got bad really fast,” he said. “I thought, I’ll just get back on my meds and that will be fine. I didn’t realize how sick I really was.”

Tim reached out to his sister for help, and she and his niece found Doug’s House. “I thought it was gonna be really bad and horrible — or really sad and depressing,” said Tim.

Instead, he credits “the whole vibe of this place” with helping him get back on his feet. “I couldn’t have done it without these people,” he said. “This place saved my life.”

Your generosity provided the round-the-clock care that saved Tim’s life. Thank you for helping make miracles happen!