Austin Fast-Tracks the Fight Against HIV

Travis County’s HIV infection rates have remained stubbornly high — and now Austin is stepping up to do something about it.

The international Fast-Track Cities initiative was introduced on World AIDS Day in 2014. It challenges communities to meet the following goals by 2020:

90% (8).png

90% of individuals with HIV know their status,

90% are connected to care, and

90% have achieved “viral suppression,” that is, the virus is undetectable in their system.

So far this year, 90% of the people who have begun Project Transitions’ short-term recuperative care program — intended to connected high-risk patients to HIV care — have completed it successfully. 100% are still medication-adherent 30 days after leaving the program. And 96% of the individuals in our housing programs have remained on their medications.

That’s how we stamp out HIV in Austin — by connecting those who are the highest risk of spreading the virus to care. You help make it happen every day.

We are grateful to you, the partners who have recognized the importance of this work all along. And we’re excited to welcome new partners and strategies as part of the Fast-Track Cities Initiative! Together, we can make ZERO deaths, ZERO infections, and ZERO stigma a reality in Austin.